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I was recommended Sandy Demetriou, Canine Life Coach, by my Veterinary practice, as my dog Monty had developed an obsession for reflections and showed signs of fractious behaviour.  After a short telephone and a few questions and answers later, Sandy was booked to visit us at home.  Prior to our initial appointment Sandy had thoroughly researched Monty’s pedigree, family history and many other elements which explained a few of Monty’s wanted and unwanted traits/ behaviours.  Sandy spent over 3 hours with us explaining what her research had found as well as demonstrating and applying techniques which encouraged Monty to have time out.  By the end of our initial appointment Monty had learnt to relax even around reflections, which was incredible.  I was so impressed with Sandy’s knowledge, approaches and techniques that I requested a second visit to help me address Monty pulling on the lead.  Sandy arrived with various different leads and techniques for us to try, again nothing was too much trouble, so off we all went around the village in the coldest of weathers.  By the end of the second appointment Monty had started to listen to me more and pulled a lot less, again Sandy’s technique worked.


I highly recommend Sandy Demetrio, Canine Life Coach, her knowledge, skills, approaches and techniques were excellent and not cruel in anyway.  I can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for us and I know if any other problems occur or if I ever need a dog walker or sitter in the future Sandy would be the first person I would call.  


Hi Sandy,

Thanks for the training plan, we are sticking to it and Alfie is cooperating :)


I first rang Sandy in desperate need of help. We had a very excitable 10 month old Beagle who would not let us sleep past 5.30am and he didn't really listen to commands from us. Sandy was the last hope we had left as we were planning to rehome Alfie. Sandy fully understood what we were going through and arranged to come over the very next day (which I was extremely thankful for). Sandy spent time getting to know us as a family as well as Alfie. Sandy explaining why Alfie behaved in the way that he did so that we could understand what was going wrong. We had a two hour session with Sandy and we all learn so much in such as short amount of time.

Since our session with Sandy, Alfie has not woken me up once in a week!!!! He is also a lot calmer around the house and is much more obedient. We have made sooo much progress in the last week with Alfie's behaviour then in the last 8 months that we have had him and it is all thanks to Sandy's AMAZING help! We can't believe we have achieved such amazing results in a short amount of time :-D I now wish that I had rung Sandy months before because now Alfie is a completely different relaxed dog and I would never consider rehoming him now. Thank you so much Sandy!!!


Megan & Alfie Lichfield




Sandy has helped us enormously with our young Golden Retriever. Helping us to work with him on;

-walking not pulling,stopping him jumping up,coming when called

-walking by the main road / fear of traffic & train lines

Sandy has helped us to improve his behaviour until other dogs and people and a general calmimg.

Sandy is an exceptional Lady and she has made a noticable impression on our dog and us. Many thanks. Mr & Mrs. B.




Dear Sandy,

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing help with my lab boys, Fudge & Monty. I never believed I would be able to lead walk them anywhere and find it a pleasure.  It has been something I have wanted to do for some time, without having my arms pulled from their sockets, and now I can, thanks to you.  The 'brain games' are something I will certainly continue with and the mental stimulation, the boys are loving it so much.

Thanks again.







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